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William P. Black Jr.
Please someone call me Bucky. Great website...kudos ya'll. Last ten huh? Well there was BR, Fort Lauderdale, D.C., BR, St. Louis, BR, Boston, Providence, L.A., Santa Barbara, New Jersey, Ohio, then about ten years ago I finally settled in Boone, North Carolina. I came here as a chef for Heavenly Mountain, a meditating resort real estate community. I now live in a tiny mountain cottage at the end of the road on four acres with a creek and such for my two fine male offspring, Will (14) and Ray (11). My wife of 16 years, Maggie is a successful potter making a large variety of beautiful ceramic art from our home. Ten years ago I was realizing I did not want to stay with my first career choice as a chef; the schedule sucked. Always working those nights, weekends, and holidays was not the way I wanted to raise a family. I started to work in residential construction with a focus in timberframing and log building. Now I've started my own little company, Resource Wood inc. We provide a variety of custom services to builders and small wood lot owners. Mostly we make one of a kind log and timber parts for folks building second homes up here. Also building custom rustic furniture. If you are ever in Boone, stop in at the Boone Saloon to see the 23' bar I built out of one White Oak tree. Image