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3rd Grade - Audubon Elementary
3rd Grade @ Audubon Elementary - We went the first year it was open...the cafeteria wasn't ready yet so we had to bring our lunch for a few weeks. In my 3rd grade class there were quite a few that we graduated with....there was Lori Goldstein, Robert Kurkendall, Toni Pope, Bruce Leinweber, Amy Verbois, Eddie Zeringue, Leisa White and Richard Creagh, who didn't graduate with us, but I remember him terrorizing my by flipping up his eyelids. Then I got stuck sitting on the bus by him on a field trip! I remember Lori's mom took us to a drive-in for her birthday party at night (then slumber party) to see a James Bond movie. I have the class picture somewhere, if I can find it I will post it... I am sure I am leaving out is precious!
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Well if it was Miss Kirtpatricks 3 grade class you forgot me, Stephanie Smith, Neal Langhart...Neal has a picture..Lets see if we can't get him to upload it!!!