Class of 1977
July 22, 2017
2 years, 1 Month and 27 days since
our Reunion.

Broadmoor Class of 1977 - 40th class reunion

What a great time we had this weekend.  Friday at the Pastime, Saturday night at Del La Ronde hall and the after party some of us had at the WaterMark....

Please keep all of your information up to date.  We would like all to attend and your info may be outdated.

Leslie Wedge Kuyrkendall
Suzy Lemke Nauk
Penny Pennington
Cindy Boudreaux Dantin
Antoinette Martello Dykes
Karen Kelley Alley
Lisa Kaiser Kenaley
Mike Kenaley
Jeff Chatelain
Lisa Chatelain
Randy Barksdale
Barry Bonaventure
Rusty Marler
Kelly Snow Marler
Regina Lewis Poole
What a crew! Thanks Guys!
Robert Kuyrkendall
Committee Chairmen

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Do you plan on attending the 40th July 22?

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